Jason Mraz


Dear Jason,

Wherever there is an apparent lack of food, there shall be a real supply of charity. It is so. I admired you and your band this summer, when you took time during a very busy schedule to help at a food bank. I admire your compassion and your willingness to raise awareness, to make improvements.Yes, we shall be hungry for change! It makes me proud to be your fan!
On a completely different note, these words of Philippe Petit, the wire walker, came to my mind:
“When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk!”
In my case it appears to be "When I see a post of Jason's, I comment; when I know he has a concert, I wish him well".
So give a great concert tonight! Together with Toca, bless the audience with your voices! It is for a good cause! Do it with much joy!
Last year on this day you had your first show on Broadway. The image of you bursting on stage as Dr. Pomatter, in the cheers of the audience, is so alive in my memory. An unforgettable entrance! I see it as clear as one year ago and I cherish it as much as then. I know good things came from your run in Waitress and I am happy for that.
I watched Nicola and Derek dancing to More Than Friends. I couldn't take my eyes off them. Their dance is touching, a dance that beautifully and graciously tells the story of the song. Thank you for your music and gifts!
Once again, give a great concert tonight!
Much love,


You could use another comment...but before I say what I have prepared, my comment for "hunger" has a lot to do with de-programming and re-educating. GOD may have interesting ways of teaching US our lessons...and, it's past time we focus on figuring out what GOD is persistently presenting to US. In my humble opinion our conversations and exchanges are sorely lacking GOD's obvious influence!
O.K. I hope you won't mind a few more "words" from me at this point.

So, I wrote this as a way to more or less introduce my Self for this mission I have planned.
But, in reading it over, it applied so nicely to our “affair” I just thought I’d share it with you.
I DO like to keep you in my loop…but, to be quite “honest”…which I am painfully so, only GOD really knows. WE try…try…try…to be nice? Nice? NICE? … OMG-WOW-NOW-HOW
Here we go:
This is a story about a little girl who “did”. Did she understand? She DID!
She understands that GOD is desperately requesting “our” conscience presence.
She understands why people are having so much trouble sleeping…
it is because of the “above”…plus the amount of time spent unconscious of GOD while in a “willed” waking state. Understand that GOD simply has you UP at night trying to get your attention!
GOD is willing to be more powerfully direct if needs be…so, let’s not need that to be!
This is but one of the many side-effects we are experiencing due to our necessity to “clean up our acts”. And, more of the same of whatever it is that is causing our “disturbances” is what we call insanity.
Therefore, THIS Girl has taken GOD upon her Self and has set out on a mission. With great JOY and a tinge of sorrow, She accepts her role humbly. Her fate is sealed, exactly as GOD has planned, and that is the FLOW of GOD’s Will. OUR fates are the FLOW of GOD’s Will. And the sooner we repair our status’s with GOD; the sooner WE triumph over any and ALL “pent up” obstacles, beliefs, ailments, unhealthy associations, etc.
The great and mysterious “unknown” is what WE have faced since our conceptions!!! Why “on earth” have we forgotten what has been driving US since the beginning? From the moment your father’s sperm met your mother’s egg, what is now “you” has been experiencing innumerable “unknowns”.
It is our divine duty to put together our findings!
What is “called for” by GOD, is a gathering of those amongst the populace who are truly ready to face the great and mysterious “unknown” with courage and humility. Dedicating their efforts to GOD’s Will and allowing OUR Wills to “finally” find a melding perhaps never before experienced by so many people of like minds and natures. It is the WILL of GOD Almighty that the creations that are GOD’s alone be FREE to BE Divine and BE deliriously HAPPY about that!

P.S. I am appreciating your "centered" arrangement
Hi Rodica! 😊❤️


Hi Vicki! 😊❤️


One of these days, Jason...One of these days.

~Food our downfall~
frown foul ford flood flour lord adorn ward warn wood fond wand off of for fro afro all doll dad dud loud aloud flown flaw law dawn drawn own now won add odd rod loan load ado land rood lol oral lad dwarf O.O. old dollar round around wall roll Ra ran run fun fund awful droll row low owl undo do DOA fan for road flu found roof aloof foo doo ruff duff wool full null rad fad loon nodal nodular flow fowl word world furl wolf Wolff Dan DNA AND RNA and fawn lawn fur odor door duo dual floral donor Waldorf laud Waldo would lawful
(My daughter’s married name…yes, definitely fits the “bill”)


I must say, I really like the "editing" feature you've added. Now, what on earth were you thinking when you made that happen? Continuity is a happening...happily


your list of blacklisted words is really getting in my WAY here. Maybe I am wasting my time with you...and maybe I am done trying to share anything of real value with you this way.


Here is a great clue as to “what” on earth is happening!!!
~Tying up the locks~

blacklisted words are part of MY unknown.

I guess YOU can do the WordPlay to find out what I did...and what I'm doing.

It's really relevant...but, what else could we expect...but more relevance

reel real van leave Eve eave even cave crave a carve car arc clean clear lean lane revel navel care can clan reveal crane earl near ear era are lance lancer Cree nacre acre acne cane caner ale vale raven rave enclave clever lever never ever leer lee eel renal

After I completed(?) the WordPlay for ~tying up the locks~ I was compelled to share the following...barring any "blacklisted words"...we'll see

And you…Jason…are somewhat BLIND & DEAF…but, I KNOW you are NOT really DUMB!!!
Do you really “think” it is wise to keep this ALL to our Selves??? Do you think there is “strength” in unity??? Do you think GOD’s Words are enough ammunition??? Everything…Everyone…Everywhere
Is being figured out. And, we, Jason, the human beings on this lovely spherical lyrical journey are the digital components. Well, anyway, that’s one way of “looking” at this picture.
Yes, Jason, whether you like it or not…this HAS begun…and YOU know what to do.
Fear or LOVE
Life & Death
We are simply ALL in this together.


Well…barring any blacklisted words…again…we’ll see
~Inner guidance~
in inn guide dance darn drain rain rained raid grade grand earn dire dine dinner diner inner guider grind rind rend end den ding dang danger anger range ranged angered agree agreed argue argued green gun gunner gunned run ruin ruined guard ride cried crude rude nude under nice nicer niece ridge nudge rigid crane careen car arc arced dice rice ice ace race dace dirge aced raced gender ender read dear red endear cud dun dung rung ring rang ear era are rag rage raged due die nerd need greed cue cure cued cured cad a cade card an acne acre caner cane caned endure ed. de grin grinned rein reign Erin Iran grace graced near eager age aged ager nag drag cage caged enrage enraged nine gad egad gain regain regained grain erg nuance nun Eid ID IDE cine urine and Dan DNA AND RNA iced riced gene gender ere ire riding needing reading acid dancer endanger earn earned dinar aid aide ad rad earing nearing garden Eden Aden Edenic idea ruining air aired gear gander induce inducing inducer rue Eng. dingier dinger edge edgier running inning ginned India indie Indian rid grid dare dig dug IG GI Ig gird rig creed reed deer
You see why I have to keep doing this??? The TRUTH can only be told through GOD directly.


No matter what I do here, I keep running into your "blacklisted" word barrier. And I am at a total loss as to what those words are...I only know my attempts at relaying are being blocked. But, alas, this does not continue. THIS does NOT continue. GOD is getting through to ALL now and forevermore. But, of course, that has always/ALL ways been the TRUTH. Those who wish to escape GOD cannot. Those who wish to join GOD must LIVE and/or DIE for that alone. The goal is good...The goal is GOD.


Thanks be - look up, fearlessly put your heart into life, sow with love, reap with joy, share with compassion, feast in gratitude, plant seeds everywhere you go , Dance where you are- I will dance in Rochester 12/1 :)


Yeah! Somebody KNOWS how to make GOOD


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