Drinking Coffee is a Global Act


Drinking coffee is a global act.  

Since forever, coffee has been an import. When we drink it, we contribute to many lives around the world. Only recently have prices started to reflect the true value of coffee; a value calculated by meticulous labor, miles traveled, and of course, taste. 

Yemeni coffee is of the oldest coffee in the world. It is said to even be the origin of coffee. Today, amidst severe hardships in Yemen, farmers still attempt to get their beans to market to make an honest and fair living. 

Port of Mokha Coffee Company gives us an opportunity to directly support Yemeni workers and coffee farmers during this time of crisis, historic famine, and conflict.

The US makes lots of money selling bombs, gasoline, and intelligence to Saudi Arabia & The UAE’s coalition against Yemen. And Yemen itself is not a threat. Yemen is no enemy. Yemen is simply a poor man’s battlefield where rich countries are competing. 

“The tragedy in Yemen did not grow out of a natural disaster. It is a slow motion crisis brought on by leaders of other countries who are willing to tolerate extraordinary suffering by civilians to advance political agendas. 
And yet somehow, the vast catastrophe has failed to catch the world’s attention.” 
–Michael Slackman & Eric Nagourney, NY Times

In February, Senator Sanders of Vermont introduced Senate Joint Resolution 54 to end support of the coalition against Yemen. The US Senate voted to postpone any action. Since then, the war has only gotten worse. 

Soon, a similar resolution will be on the floor again, in new versions for both the House and Senate. By phone or email, you can let your district Congressperson and Senators’ office know you do NOT support war efforts. 

Bombing for peace is like screwing for virginity.  
Let’s drink coffee and help humanity instead. 

Check out Port of Mokha Coffee to help.

Robbie McCown2018