Hungry for Change


I have been very, very fortunate in my life to have had a warm meal on Thanksgiving. Every single one. For 40 years. Covered in gravy. This year I am supporting WhyHunger to help build newer, better, and more-inclusive food systems.

Hunger won't be solved with charity and free food. Hot meals do help, but are merely a band-aid on a larger problem. An entire system needs to be transformed to allow food to be accessible and affordable to all.

I recently learned about the work of WhyHunger. They’ve been fighting for 43 years to break up food inequality and change the food system at large.

The 2018 WhyHunger Hungerthon campaign is now live. Awesome auction items, like the Taylor Academy Nylon Guitar I played onstage at the WhyHunger fundraiser in NYC, will open on 11/14.

This gluttonous holiday season, I choose to make a difference that makes a difference, and ensure that everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.

Visit and learn how to support real solutions to help end hunger in America.


I have visited food banks. I have donated food and I have served food at a soup kitchen. Both FeedingAmerica and WhyHunger say the same thing: 

There is plenty of food for everyone. The lack – is access to it. 

For two reasons:

1. Poverty. Food is locked up. If you want it, you have to buy it. And because money is the means to survival, nutrition is typically not a consideration for the poor. Food manufacturers can make food cheaply to make more money, and those with less money buy the cheap food. Food has become a business, not a basic human right. So those with less access to good food have less than good health, which affects over lifestyle and opportunities for advancement. 

2. Inequality & Racism. Historically, descendants of Europeans have had access to land, wealth, and power for much longer. Because food is both energy AND commerce, access to food can create and control entire classes of people. A modern-day version of survival of the fittest, power and poverty have been passed down for generations. It’s time we break that cycle. 

Ending hunger is a non-partisan issue and will require a strong commitment from the US government. Do you know where your candidates stand on the issue? I don’t. #VoteToEndHunger is an awareness campaign designed to help ask that question at the midterms. 

Radical idea: Maybe there could be a hunger tax to help make nutritious food affordable and accessible to all. Perhaps it’s earned from the taxes on cannabis. After all, nothing causes hunger quite like weed does. Plus, giving farmers freedom to grow cannabis would give them a winning supplement crop to help them stay in business producing fresh food.

Robbie McCown2018 November, 2018