The Whirled As I See It


Stick to music. Nobody cares about your political beliefs.

I see and hear that a lot. And I've bowed to it and made few mentions through the years. But I've also seen opposite comments that say: Nobody cares about your music – and that doesn't stop me from making music. So why hold back? Women didn't get a vote until 1920. Blacks only starting getting voter recognition in 1965. 18-year-olds got approved to use their voice in 1971. Native Americans are still waiting for theirs. So, I'm going to flex my privilege and pray at the same time. 
For the next two weeks I'm going to devote much of my social platforms to the causes, policies, and people that I care about. Take it or leave it, but I've been around the world. I have visited many countries and many cultures. I have entertained the wealthy and I have worked with the very poor. I'm in the upper tax bracket where 50% of my earnings go to the federal government. With that much time and money invested in observing and serving our planet, I feel like a credible ambassador and advocate for compassionate, radical change.
My views might sound impossible or ridiculous to the current workflow. My ideal world would require a huge transformation and resignation of modern progressive values. For all lives to be changed, business and progress would have to slow down. People would be required to save energy and resources. We would return to Earth pace.
George Washington, an independent, no-party President, warned us of Parties. I no longer serve a party, but I'm more democratic in my wish for a more diverse and just society. The beauty of what America has attempted to be at least gives me the freedom to dream. And in that dream I am a socialist who doesn't answer his phone. I am a communist who prefers isolation. I am a spiritualist without religion. I am a naturalist who still isn't comfortable standing totally naked. A never-nude.
So for me, like most, this will be a one-way conversation. Which, ironically, is why change is difficult to come by. I believe there are people who vote Republican because their parents did, without considering that it can limit the country's ability to serve and care for itself. It is my understanding that a democratic view allows for more sharing of wealth and resources. In the words of the honorable Mr. Spock from the USS Enterprise...

"the more we share, the more we have." –Leonard Nimoy

I'm not running for office, but voting comes with comparable pressure. I assume if you are reading this, then you are also under pressure to prepare yourself for the midterms.


If you're like me, and you endorse progressive, diverse candidates who are connected to their communities and have a proven record of constructive, positive work within their districts, then check out the candidates backed by The Hometown Project. The Hometown Project makes a dedicated effort to ensure diversity of candidates from many perspectives including gender, age, and ethnicity. They do not cater to the interests of national organizations and agendas. The goal is to ensure that candidates are informed, balanced representatives and reflections of the community they serve.
Also, consider downloading the free e-book WTF Are "The Midterms" to quickly learn WTF are the midterms and how it only takes 279 people to change America. If we can reach a few of them, we've made a difference. 

The Whirled as I see it, 

Robbie McCown2018 October, 2018