Whoa Men


The future is still female. I still dream of an era where women outnumber men in leadership roles. It’s only been thousands of years under male rule. The planet at large is more competitive than ever. Maybe it’s time we adopt a more nurturing attitude. Maybe it’s time WE nurture Mother Nature.

In my backyard, I endorse Esther Sanchez for city council. She cares deeply about the health, safety, and equality of our community, especially the youth. 

On the ballot for my district, I am voting for Dana Corso. Like me, she is a Yes on Measure Y

I have also voted for Tasha Boehner & Mike Levin for State Assembly, Marggie Castellano for State Senate, and Dianne Feinstein for US Senate.  

On page 2 of my absentee ballot there is a long list of people being elected into the courts. This one was difficult to research, so, when in doubt, I’m giving votes to the women. I’m not alone in this thinking. A recent survey by Suffolk University and USA Today showed that twice as many voters would prefer to support a woman than a man.

I am Pro-Stacey Abrams. 
I am Pro-Lupe Valdez. 
And Pro-Christine Hallquist! 
I am Pro-Change.
I am Pro-Choice.
I am Pro-Paid Maternity leave. 

Paid maternity leave doesn't exist yet, except in New Jersey, but it's proven in many countries around the world to improve the health of both mother and child. Paid maternity leave in NJ costs taxpayers $0.58 a week, less than a pack of gum. That's just 3 bucks a month – which is less than a grande latte from Bigbucks. Congress still needs encouragement to support this movement, but because NJ already has it, there's already a blueprint for expansion. So keep marching. When the people lead, the leaders will follow. 

I believe healthcare will someday be free to all. For men, it will help ease the discomfort of their surrender.  

Check out this clever and awkward video from We Are Thomasse.

Happy Anniversary to my darling wife. 
You make me a better man. 


Robbie McCown2018 October, 2018